Ep 171: AMC Stock up 3,000% - Retail Traders Victorious? Hedge Funds suffer $5 Billion Loss

AMC Stock up 3,000% - Hedge Funds suffer $5 Billion Loss

AMC Stock up 3,000% -  Hedge Funds suffer $5 Billion Loss

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IMPORTANT: I was informed that I was wrong: The Reddit Forum /r/amcstock is responsible for the Short Squeeze and NOT WallStreetBets. I apologize for the mistake.

What Is Going On With AMC?:
Who Is Buying AMC?:
What Is The Highest AMC Has Been?:
How High Can AMC Go?:
Is AMC Losing Money?:
Should You Buy AMC Shares/Am I Buying AMC?:

MC Stock - Here's what you need to know

We will talk about the 12 most commonly asked questions around AMC stock:

1.) Why is AMC stock so high?
2.) Who is buying AMC stock?
3.) Did AMC sell more shares?
4.) What's the highest AMC stock has been?
5.) Can AMC really hit 100,000?
6.) Is AMC a good buy?
7.) Is AMC losing money?
8.) Will AMC go out of business?
9.) Will AMC go up tomorrow?

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