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Ep. 206: How To Build A Trading Plan That Works: Step By Step

A step-by-step process to build your own trading plan that works.

Ep. 205: How To Find Value Stocks vs. Growth Stocks: IMPORTANT For The Wheel

If you're trading "The Wheel" Options Trading Strategy, it's important to understand the difference between value stocks and growth stocks.

Ep. 204: How To Create Wealth In 2022: The 3 Bucket System

In this podcast, I share my personal "3 This is the process that has allowed me to grow my net worth from 30,000 to more multiple millions, and I'm convinced that this system can do the same for you!

Ep. 203: My Trading Routine 2022

This is a special edition where I’ll do a deep dive on my current daily trading routine. I’ll discuss THE exact process I go through every trading day and I’ll share with you the few tweaks that helped me to generate $7,079 in two weeks while many were getting whipsawed to pieces.

Ep. 202: Trading, Investing And Life: 9 Lessons I Learned In 2021

In this podcast, I share 9 lessons that I learned trading stocks and how they apply to life in general.

Ep. 201: Buy The Dip Strategy - They Have Been Lying To You!

For the past 15 months, buying the dip has been one of the best investment strategies you can use. But is it really as easy to buy the dip as they say?

Ep. 200: Getting Started With Trading: 3 Things You Must Have

In this episode, I'll be talking about 3 things that you must have if you want to make money with trading.

Ep. 199: Retail Traders Vs Hedge Funds - I Bet You Didn't Know THIS

Institutional traders vs retail traders - Who will win?

Ep. 198: Tesla Stock Prediction - Is TSLA Still A Buy?

Is Tesla Stock (TSLA) a buy or a sell? In this podcast, I'll share my Tesla Stock Prediction for the next few weeks and maybe months.

Ep. 197: How To Pick The Best Stocks For Option Selling

Discover everything you need to know about finding the best stock for option selling.

Ep. 196: Wheel Strategy Risks: What To Do If The Market Crashes

The Wheel Strategy is a powerful trading strategy BUT there are also some risks: What do you do when the market crashes and you get assigned in all your positions?

Ep. 195: Best Trading Computer 2021

A lot can change in a few years! The stock market will have its ups and downs, the world economy may be booming or crashing, but one thing that won't change is you need a great trading computer to keep up with all these changes! And here's the best trading computer to get in 2021.

Ep. 194: Should He Invest Or Trade?

What's better: invest or trade?

Ep. 193: TradingView Tutorial - Dark View

TradingView Tutorial: How To Make A Cool "CNBC Like" Layout

Ep. 192: Wheel Strategy Tips: Don't Do THIS!

How can you avoid getting into bad trades when trading the Wheel Options Strategy? What happens in a downturn? Will I lose all my money? How do you find trades with a high premium?

Ep. 191: How To Research Stocks For Options Trading

When trading "The Wheel Options Strategy," you only want to trade options on stocks that you want to OWN. But how to research stocks for options trading?

Ep. 190: Good Trader vs Bad Trader

The Ugly Truth Most Trading Gurus Don't Want You To Know! ... and how a legendary group of 23 traders made $426 Million!

Ep. 189: Trading Advice: Should He Stop Trading?

I received a message from a 20-year old college kid asking for my advice. Should he pursue his dreams of trading? Or should he listen to his parents and quit trading?

Ep. 188: How To Place A Stock Buy Order In 5 Easy Steps

A guide for beginners that explains everything you need to know about buying stocks online in 5 easy steps.

Ep. 187: How Short Selling Works

Short selling lets investors bet against a stock, profiting when it falls in price. But how exactly does short-selling work?

Ep. 186: Stock Trading Discipline And Patience - Trading Like A Pro

The Biggest Trading Mistake I Ever Made: No Stock Trading Discipline And Patience. If you want to succeed in trading, you need 3 things.

Ep. 185: 3 Stock Market Investing Strategies For Beginners

In this podcast, you’ll learn about 3 different stock market investing strategies that can help you make more informed decisions when it comes time to buy or sell stocks.

Ep 184: Covered Calls For Beginners

The Covered Call Strategy is one of the first strategies that new traders start trading. Traders might use a Covered Calls on stocks that they have in their portfolio for longer periods of time.

Ep. 183: What’s The Best Stock Market Simulator? - Why Do You Need One?

Paper Trading Simulator - Does it make sense to use it? Of course, there is a difference between trading stocks live and with real money or using a paper trading simulator.

Ep 182: How To Trade Option Debit Spreads On tastyworks

We've talked about How To Trade A Vertical Spread, Call Debit Spreads, Put Debit Spreads and Put Credit Spreads. What I like about Debit Spreads is the reduced cost and they reduce the "break even."

Ep 181: Meme Stocks: What Are They And How Do You Find Them?

Today, we will talk about what Meme Stocks are since everyone is talking about them. We will also talk about “How to find the next Meme stock that explodes like AMC or GME.”

Ep 180: PowerX and Wheel Strategy: The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions - Answered

In today's podcast, I will answer the most frequently asked questions about the PowerX and the Wheel Strategy.

Ep. 179: How To Roll A Covered Call

Rolling a covered call is a strategy where you buy back the call that you sold and sell another call option - usually with a different expiration date - at the same time. Today, will discuss the Why, When, and How.

Ep 178: Death Cross Explained - Is THIS The Simplest Trading Strategy?

Today, we will talk about “Death Cross and Golden Cross” since it's a super hot topic right now. Bitcoin just made a Death Cross. So what is it? And how can you use it in your trading?

Ep 177: Wheel Options Strategy - Trades In Trouble

Let’s talk about my current trades. On Friday, I got assigned in 4 stocks, so I will tell you what exactly I did this morning.

Trading Futures, options on futures and retail off-exchange foreign currency transactions involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all
investors. You should carefully consider whether trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances, knowledge, and financial resources.
You may lose all or more of your initial investment. The lower the day trade margin, the higher the leverage and riskier the trade. Leverage can
work for you as well as against you; it magnifies gains as well as losses. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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